Procurement & Sourcing

We source, procure and supply goods and services according to customer requirements. 

Our customers send us their procurement needs and specification; we then do the rest, including export paperwork and final delivery to the end destination.

With customers in over 150 countries, we are a truly global company.‚Äč

Export Sales

We assist suppliers and manufacturing companies in exporting their products to new markets overseas. A number of companies want to grow their exports but either lack the experience or lack the necessary resources to do so. We handle the entire export process on their behalf. With an established customer and distributor base in over 150 countries, we can quickly access local markets to generate new export sales for our partners.

Sector Specialists

With technical, procurement and sector specialists located in every continent we use our “Falcon Fit For Purpose” ethos in every project; from the smallest bolt to the largest oil rig; we ensure what we supply is technically sound and meets the project specification. 

This saves our customers the headache and high costs of having to rectify the supply of incorrect equipment to them.