Making exports happen

Delivering Sales

The potential returns offered for manufacturers and suppliers in selling to emerging and frontier markets can be large, however the prospect of starting to export to these markets can be daunting. The bureaucracy, export paperwork, logistics and shear distance of these markets pose several challenges especially for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME). SME’s tend to have limited resources to research, explore and sell into these markets.

Falcon Global Solutions can assist businesses in three major ways;

1) Handling and screening of export enquires to ensure the end buyer is genuine and in a position to purchase with the necessary funds to proceed.

2) Falcon Global Solutions will conduct the actual transaction. Falcon Global Solutions will place the Purchase Order and pay the manufacturer in advance, with Falcon Global Solutions collecting the goods from the manufacturer’s premises.  We will handle the entire export process including delivery of the product to the end customer anywhere in the world. We take the stress and risk out of the export process.

3) Alternatively, if the manufacturer is looking for local agents and distributors for their product, Falcon Global Solutions can assist in introducing the products to the local market and make the necessary introductions between the manufacturer and the end customer.